Posture Trends

We've been teaching posture correction for over 20 years. Finally it has become the mainstream trend. Everyone is writing books and making videos about how to correct your posture. And I think it is fantastic that the public is being made aware of how important this is in terms of avoiding pain and joint degeneration. I tried for a good while to incorporate this education into the school systems, but they just weren't ready for it way back then. Someone new will have the energy to put that in place in the next decade I feel sure, and if they'd like my input, I'd be happy to accommodate.  But I have a concern about all the new programs that promise you better posture in x weeks if you just follow their program. The real results are going to be attained by addressing the specific needs of YOUR individual body. The assessment is the key. Knowing what applies to you and what doesn't. What you need to strengthen and what you need to stretch. How it all ties in together from head to toe on your particular framework.