Arthritis is a term for inflammation of a joint. But so many people interpret a diagnosis of arthritis to be the end of the issue and prematurely accept that they will always have that pain. In fact it can easily be treated and improved.

I find that many times, a myofascial strain pattern is compressing the joint, causing friction between the bones that can cause inflammation in that joint. When the muscle strain pattern is released, the joint is decompressed and the inflammation goes away.

Myofascial trigger points can also cause pain deep within a joint. Consider that trigger points are a contraction knot of muscle fibers. These trigger points pull the ends of the muscle in toward the trigger point, pulling on a tendon which has its origin or insertion in the painful joint. It pulls 24/7, causing pain and inflammation, until there is an intervention to release the TrP. Work the trigger point out and the pain diminishes and eventually disappears.

Any Joint pain is most frequently called arthritis ..... except when it is called bursitis, tendonitis, or one of the other "itises" pronounced as diagnosis of the condition, often without ever being tested or touched.
When you discover the strain patterns which are causing your postural imbalances, you can change it and then get on about the task of changing the world.

The cure for arthritis is YOU.